mill city requiem

for solo instrument & distance

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mill city requiem was created for the 2015 Northern Spark Festival in Mpls, MN. tens of thousands of people celebrate this festival the second saturday of every june from dusk to dawn.

this work was an episode in the larger 2015-2016 railway prophecies series funded by the the jerome foundation .

mill city requiem consisted of a multi-channel sound environment with large, live-generated projections cast against the walls of the mill city museum on the banks of the mississippi river. a mobile interface allowed visitors to connect & write to the projections while their coordinates were mapped to a large target. at the center of the circular "space" a cello played through the night. the geo-locative aspect drew them towards this lone performer.

a twitterbot orchestra played in the weeks leading up to the festival.

text was created by sheila packa, kathleen roberts & contributors on the night of northern spark

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